SciFi-based Electronic Music: Artefact by Agebjörn & Ögren

“Artefact” is a tribute to “Rendezvous with Rama”…

…the 1973 classic science fiction novel by Arthur C. Clarke. It is dark in deep space, the feeling is ethereal, kinetic, and layered. There is just no need for words, but there is a little chatter on the intercom. Each song has special synthesizer qualities and all of them flow into a beautiful mix, there is a very specific story here. This music by Johan Agebjörn, Mikael Ögren and friends, awakens the hidden colors: bespangled, bright, and brilliant; celestial, glittering, with soaring echoes, pulsing and beating patterns, you are headed into the unknowable future, there is no turning back.

All tracks on Artefact are written, performed…

…and produced by Johan Agebjörn and Mikael Ögren. Tracks 1–2 was co-written and co-performed by Stefan Strand. Track 7 was co-written and co-performed by Johan Emmoth. Vocals on track 9 are by Martina Björk. The tracks were mastered by Howard Givens. Daniel Pipitone created the album design and Kilian Eng created the illustrations. You can find him on Instagram.

Track 1 “Extravehicular Activity” (2:48)

Between Interval a.k.a. Stefan Strand is also signed to Spotted Peccary and has collaborated with Agebjörn on other tracks before this project. Between Interval also contributed to the second track on Artefact.

Track 2 “Passing the Gates” (6:12)

Track 3 “The Plain” (5:59)

On a globe there is the planetary surface with the sky above. Here, within the interior of Rama, the surface circled around overhead. There is no blue sky above, all around are what appeared to be the scattered towns and cities, different colored and textured areas, which were all securely fixed along the interior of the cylinder and directly overhead.

Track 4 “The Storm That Passed” (5:47)

The cloud ceiling was made more acceptable to the mind and senses because its full circle could no longer be seen. Then the clouds moved away to reveal the familiar curving plain.

Track 5 “Flight Over the Sea” (5:18)

Track 6 “Static Air” (4:39)

Le Prix a.k.a. Johan Emmoth contributed to this track as well as to track 7, he has worked with Agebjörn on quite a few tracks and remixes together in the disco/synthwave style, some of them for the Sally Shapiro Project.

Track 7 “Octapod” (3:49)

On this track: Johan Agebjörn, Mikael Ögren, Johan Emmoth (Le Prix), and Yves Gibb.

Track 8 “Monitoring the Zooids” (6:59)

Track 9 “The Hall of Crystals” (5:19)

The vocalist, Martina Björk, is a soprano singer with a PhD in Latin, her beautiful, almost supernatural kind of voice captures the sacred, ancient feeling and combines it with the almost melancholic, sad sense of abandonment that saturates this very moment of the Rama story.

Track 10 “Interplanetary Threat” (1:09)

The Hermians had made a clandestine launch, which in itself was a breach of space law. The conclusion was obvious: their “vehicle” could only be a missile.

Track 11 “Space Travel” (8:10)

Track 12 “Final Sight” (8:33)

Born in 1956, the year of Sputnik and the emergence of Elvis Presley, contributing editor for Electronic Cottage and BrainVoyager Electronic Music

Born in 1956, the year of Sputnik and the emergence of Elvis Presley, contributing editor for Electronic Cottage and BrainVoyager Electronic Music